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Kelly Wang and Ren Light Pan

As part of its INKfutures program, INKstudio is proud to sponsor an exhibition and curatorial dialog at the INK Institute during Asia Week New York 2024. The INK Institute is a newly formed, New York-based charitable nonprofit whose mission is to support the development of INK as a medium and language in the creation of contemporary art through artist residencies, curatorial exchange, research and publishing, and institutional collection development.

Kelly Wang (b. 1992) and Ren Light Pan (b. 1990) are two, emerging, New York-based women artists who are redefining the material practices of INK art. Kelly Wang uses newspaper twisted into strands and sculpted into two-dimensional and three-dimensional landscape forms to transform the normally passive, absorbent ground of INK art—namely, paper—into an active, material inquiry into human society and nature and how they dimensionally enfold one another through media, text and form both natural and historical. In contrast, Ren Light Pan, in her Sleep series paintings, uses the heat of her body and the physical, material properties of INK and water—namely, diffusion, absorption and evaporation—to indexically record her physical body in its sleeping state.

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Ren Light Pan
Ren Light Pan
Kelly Wang
Kelly Wang
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